Product Lust - Cavallini & Co.

I have long been a huge fan of Cavallini & Co. products.  It all started with Davis-Kidd Bookstore in Memphis, when I became obsessed with Cavallini calendars.  I think I had one every year for about five years.  The draw of Cavallini products is the vintage imagery and fonts, printed on the highest, frame-worthy papers.  I just recently turned almost an entire calendar of retro French travel posters into gallery art for my parents' Provençal beach house.  I had been hanging onto that calendar for years for a chance to turn it into art and then was thrilled to find the perfect opportunity.  Here are some of my personal favorites from the brand, including many that I own or have owned over the years.

8b2e27c85922ae8aa3ffb8989ec5528bCurrently my favorite product - I've been using the flying sparrow stamp featured in the front on my Jeweled Sparrow packaging, shown below.


b145027aeb2059ec2175d69470570cd8Cavallini makes my most favorite journals.  The paper is lined and thick, with a convenient pocket in the back.

c102e895478daa253772b575c191a657Do you see the theme here?  LOVE all the birds :)

8248a6e4f6f9954e8297317a476729baI reuse these for family presents every Christmas.

f0d75ca861272e2bb868bb1d88dd3125And of course, what they are probably most known for - calendars!  Also amazingly reusable when you are finished with them as beautiful, inexpensive artwork.

Here are some nice examples of framed Cavallini products.

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Check out their website for beautiful photos of their products and an exhaustive list of where to buy.  My favorite places to shop in person are Anthropologie and Papyrus.  You won't be disappointed!