Fall Craft Party

Next weekend, I am planning a Fall Craft Party with some girlfriends.  I am so excited!!  I have been super inspired lately by some very inventive and cute Fall crafts that I've discovered on Pinterest.  Check out my "Crafty" board here.  I am planning on doing the leaf garland, a version of the fabric pumpkins that I blogged about earlier this Fall, and a Fall banner.  I will make examples of these this week, and then we can make more together at the party. :)  I have already made some pumpkins, and my results are below.  I love them!!!  And they only took like 30 minutes to make all three.  Even my husband was impressed!

Here is the fabric I started with.  One of the perks of being an interior design student is that I have a TON of fabric samples, which are perfect for all sorts of craft projects.  I have mine organized by color in my office, so I just pulled out some that were orange/rust/red - perfect for Fall.

I stuffed a little polyfill batting into the fabric, pulled up the corners then sides to make a pumpkin shape, and then tied the top tightly with jute twine.  Voila!