Baby Girl's Nursery, Part II

I am so excited to finally share some pictures of Thea's nursery!!  You can see the planning phase, along with furniture and accessories sources in Part I.  This has become my favorite room in our house these past few months (which is a good thing since I spend so much time in here for diaper changes, feedings, and evening shushing ...).  It is very soothing yet cheerful in here, which is exactly the balance I was hoping to achieve.IMG_5255Thea LOVES staring at the mirror during diaper changes.  She is captivated by how light refracts against the angles.  I highly recommend a mirror above the changing table, since babies enjoy them even from the newborn stage, and they are a fun place to interact with your baby.

IMG_5239 IMG_5221

I added Thea's name garland by Rifle Paper Co. when she was born, since we didn't reveal her name until then.  I was planning on it being there temporarily, but it makes me happy so it stayed :)  I love the set, though, because I can change out the letters on the string.  I am hoping to use it for her 1st birthday pictures, too!


Our chocolate lab Annabelle was my first baby, so I was anxious/excited to see her with Thea.  She has become quite the protective and hovering big sister, although I have yet to determine whether that is due to jealousy or her love of Thea ;)


Tyler and I came across Tweedledee the stuffed sheep on a trip to Anthropologie when I was 8 months pregnant.  I had never seen my manly husband become so excited by a stuffed animal, so naturally we had to buy it.  I am pretty sure it will be Thea's favorite, forced upon her by Dad if necessary.DSC_0194IMG_5258DSC_0193

The pink dress was Tyler's mom's when she was a baby - so special :)  I can't wait until Thea can wear it, too!  She also gave us the "We loved you even before you were born" sign on top of the storage cubbies.  I got the art print behind it on a trip visiting my sister in Asheville.  It reminds me of my Mimi, who used to sing that song to us when my sisters and I were little.  Those are my favorite things about this nursery - that Thea can be surrounded by reminders of love and family.


Thanks for reading!