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  1. a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
  2. a small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border.
    • a small ornamental design filling a space in a book or carving, typically based on foliage.

I love vignettes, not just because the word originated in France (although that does help), but I love what vignettes can achieve in a space, whether in retail or interior design.  I first began to really notice retail vignettes when I worked for Pottery Barn Kids, often doing window displays.  But let's be honest, Anthropologie is the queen of vignettes.  I remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie - Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA.  I was transported to a different time and place.  That is what good design can do.  Here are some of my favorite vignettes found on Pinterest, starting with an Anthro window display from fall 2010.  After all, it has started to feel like fall lately :)



Rita Konig's apartment, as seen in DOMINO.


A lovely autumnal display.

0a93cc28cc3b1c77fe1d71413c70e913Love the monochromatic theme.

ada2339a05f1fc43d39cfbaa927dcc50A corner in Stephen Shubel's pied-à-terre

80a5b0e412dd56199ea4132bcf6455e0Another lovely limited palette.

417911652b21a2413f80b15c264d3271Thomas O'Brien's NYC apartment.  I know, I'm obsessed.

bb0bf06215d8775f3298407596880754Wouldn't you like to start your day with this in your boudoir?  Let's settle with ending here.