Artist Teil Duncan

I am from a small city on the Georgia Chattahoochee River called Columbus, and even though I now live far away in Denver, near the mountains, not the river, the south will never leave me.  One reason is that so many talented and creative people from my hometown pull me back in with their art.  And Teil Duncan's artwork doesn't just strike a nostalgic chord with me because we grew up in the same town at the same school.  Nor does her work interest me because her landscapes are also familiar and dear to me.  I am drawn to her work because it is simply mesmerizing.  From an interior designer's perspective, Teil's work is what you create entire rooms around.  Her colors are clear and true, her brush strokes are organic, and her portrayal of light is often ethereal.  Her art speaks synergistically to my personal design aesthetic.  If I one day have a dressing room, may I please have a wall full of Teil's lovely impressionistic nudes?  Or when I have children, will you please paint one of them chasing his or her shadow in the 30-A waves? Here are some of my favorites, most of which are sold.  Visit her website for a list of current pieces for sale, and an archived gallery of her work.

IMG_1432"Seagrove Arrangements"

849bd3a7959dd0441fedbc02e2693bb6A collage of three children's portraits

537bb46a555533604978d5951ed10131Downtown Columbus, GA

Duncan2I also love her animal pieces!  So lively and colorful!

frontImageI will have these in my boudoir, please.


Finally, I love seeing one of her pieces in its setting.  How beautifully placed.



*All images via Teil Duncan & Pinterest.