Gardening Ideas

The past couple of weeks, I have been obsessed with gardening and landscaping ideas.  Probably because we are completely relandscaping our backyard this summer, and I want to be super prepared!  I am such a nerdy researcher when I get my mind set on something!  I started a Pinterest Board on the topic and thought I would share those photos as well as other that inspire me.  Now is the time to not only get out in the garden, but bring the garden indoors as well!  Yay Spring! I LOVE this idea for our back patio!!

What an amazing erosion solution! Beautiful AND innovative!

I am so excited to build my first raised garden bed this spring!  I have already started my seeds inside and am planning a 4' x 8' bed of veggies: 2 types of tomatoes, 3 types of lettuce, marigolds, red peppers, zucchini, and summer squash.  I will also have large pots with a colorful array of herbs: 2 types of basil, rosemary, lavendar, and 3 types of mint!  Oh man, I can't WAIT for summer!

I will definitely have a raised garden bed somewhere in the backyard!

I definitely want to incorporate a hammock or two into our design, and we already have a portable fire pit!

I am really into vertical gardening right now!  Indoors and out.  So innovative, such an amazing use of space, and in many cases, super eco-conscious.  Here are some of my favorite examples.

boxes planter

DIY Indoor Vertical Garden