I have been MIA the past 6 months primarily because of this: my Capstone.  The culminating project of my interior design degree.  To say it took up most (all) of my free time is an understatement.  But, the result is something I am proud of, so I would say it was worth it. A vacation lake home in Seale, Alabama defines the general focus of this residential project.  More specifically, the final footprint of the house will consist of several historic, endangered structures that have been saved from demolition, meticulously restored, and then joined together.  Three historic structures comprise this lake house – a barn already on the property built in the 1920s of materials from an1850s barn, another 1920s barn in Cordelia, GA, and an 1880s cabin from Mill Bridge, NC.  Thus, this project also includes a considerable focus on historical restoration and building reuse.

Board 1Board 2

Board 3Board 4Board 4aBoard 5Board 6Board 7Board 8

The drawings were done in AutoCAD, then imported into Powerpoint as .png files.  The renderings were achieved first in SketchUp, as one complete model.  Custom background (blue sky, green ground, custom gray edges), with natural sunlight on, time of day adjusted for each scene.  Each scene was then brought into Photoshop, where texture was added.  I wanted to give the renderings more depth.  If I had unlimited time on them, I would have rendered each in Podium (Podium renderings from other projects coming soon!), but each Podium rendering takes me several days to complete.  Too many scenes to capture for that kind of time!  My method of SU then Photoshop was much faster and still conveyed (I hope) the essence of the project beautifully.  These slides were created in Powerpoint, although InDesign would have been more ideal for these files sizes and for print quality.  Again, Powerpoint was quicker for me, so that is the route I took.  If you would like to see more design inspiration related to this project, please see my Capstone Pinterest Board.

Here is a partial list of my sources for this project: Circa Lighting, Bobo Intriguing Objects, Lee industries, Ann Sacks, MSI Stone & Tile, Arizona Tile1st Dibs, Restoration Hardware, Kravet/Lee Jofa, Sugarboo Designs, Sundance, Benjamin Moore Paints, West Elm, Olga Guanabara, Rejuvenation, Hartmann & Forbes Wallcovering, Clayton Gray Home

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