Jeweled Sparrow Photos

Lately I have become more serious about the product photos on my jewelry website.  People must be compelled by what they see on your website, especially if you are marketing jewelry (a luxury item, like design services - see a trend in my life?).  The website's aesthetic, dictated mainly by the photography, must communicate professionalism and creativity in a unique way.  I was inspired by a couple of other websites, whose overall aesthetic I admired.  Rachel, owner of Elephantine Jewelry, has a blog and Etsy shop, both places where she mentions the importance of good photography.  There is also a concise, informative tutorial on photographing your home for design photos that I've referenced from A Beautiful Mess blog.  Finally, I admire Jane Pope Jewelry for its clean, modern website design and simple photographs of her exquisite pieces. So, here is a collage of some of my favorite snapshots from today's shoot.