Savannah Interior Design, pt. 2

Here are some more concept photos for my showroom area.  I envision washed out wood floors (maybe milk paint?) with a very high decorative tin ceiling, horizontal slatted wooden walls.  The showroom will be divided into loose vignettes based on different areas of the home - living room, bedroom, entry, dining room, and library/office.  These spaces will be delienated by castered bookcases, curtain walls, and a hanging wooden divider.  This will be more clear once I post the scan for my block diagram of the space.  This is one of the main steps of the space planning process.  First, bubble diagrams (at least three, hand drafted, with a pencil and scale).  Then choose which bubble you want to turn into your block diagram.  This is a clean visualization of how the space will be divided and for what task/purpose.  I will include a couple of these steps in the creative process in my next post.  Sometimes it is interesting to see these because they explain how a designer works and how he/she arrives at solutions. This first photo demonstrates how I want to divide my bedroom vignette with a curtain wall.  This wall can move back and forth on a suspended track as seasons/displays change or to open up the showroom a bit more for an event.

This next photo shows how I want to display merchandise on the large dining room table - in several loose arrangements, very casual and natural looking.  The tableware below is by Juliska, one of the companies I want to feature in the showroom, providing their entire catalog as special order for clients.  Neiman Marcus is the only place in the state of Colorado that sells Juliska!