Fabric Pumpkins

I was at one of my favorite antiques stores the other day (Patina Antiques & Home), and I saw some very cute fabric pumpkins for sale.  They were basically made of natural canvas with real stick pieces for the stems, loosely stuffed, so that they were very natural and whimsical looking.  I thought, "I can make those!"  I looked on Pinterest and through some blogs for a similar craft and found one.  These are with burlap, another of my most favorite materials.  I will also use linen.  I think at least three materials would add the right amount of textural interest.  Below is the finished product from The 36th Avenue, and the link to the blog entry.

The 36th Avenue: No Sew Burlap Pumpkins

Stay tuned for pictures of my own version of this project.  Can you believe Fall is up on us?  I will be sure to post some fall-themed decor ideas in the coming weeks to celebrate!